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Our Approach

Finlay Enterprises, America’s Finest Jewelers and it’s brands have conducted almost $100 billion in jewelry sales with some of the leading retail partners in the world since 1832. Finlay Enterprises Incorporated’s principal activities are the retailing of fine jewelry products and operating leased fine jewelry department stores throughout the United States and France. Founded as Seligman & Latz, the company’s original focus was the operation of beauty salons, also under a lease arrangement with department and specialty stores. Jewelry sales were soon added to the company’s portfolio, and by 1942, the company opened its first leased Finlay Fine Jewelry department.

Our Story

Today Finlay Enterprises owns and operates a collection of over 30 brands. The group collectively pulls from a rotating inventory of $130 million in precious metals and loose stones and brokers diamonds to over 2,600 locations in North America.

Meet the Team

In 2011, Sarasota Sterling and Ziaris were absorbed by other assets of the Fine Jewelry Group. Ephraim Brasher (goldsmith) and Robert Roskells (silversmith) manage precious metals for the organizations 30 retail chains representing over 3,000 wholesale and retail locations. DuQuets, once one of the most significant Bernd Munsteiner importers and designers for North America now handles the diamond and gemstone assets for the firm. Famed Beverly Hills jeweler Missir is responsible for brokering and trading in the groups pearl and opal assets.

Diamonds On Rodeo

Diamonds on Rodeo is the privately held precious and semi-precious wholesale operation of Finlay Enterprises and Hadid. It has been capitalized with almost 100,000 carats of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and many others. Diamonds on Rodeo sources inventory from struggling or bankrupt wholesale, retail, and manufacturing jewelers across North America as well as inventory from Antwerp.

Ephraim Brasher

 The firms gold inventories are managed by wholly-owned subsidiary Ephraim Brasher for it’s network of jewelers around the world. The firm is named in honor of one of the finest goldsmiths the United States has ever known and has been capitalized with access to over $130 million in gold and silver. Subsidiary Roskells organizes and coordinates silver inventories to the groups approximate 2,600 retail and wholesale jewelers.


Famed Beverly Hills jeweler Missir is responsible for brokering and trading in the groups pearl and opal assets for the organizations 30 retail chains representing over 2,000 wholesale and retail locations. The Group controls the largest collection of jewelry brands in the world dating back to 1787 with its Finlay Fine Jewelers Group.


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